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Sharps, professional gamblers, scour the internet in search of the best possible odds and games on which to place their wagers. You must engage in this strategy, known as “line shopping,” if you want to attain the status of “sharp.” The greatest thing is that it’s really much easier than it seems like it would be.

What’s the Point of Going Through the Effort?

True, that’s the case. Any “smart” person will tell you that any advantage, no matter how little, is valuable in the long run. One strategy for avoiding the “vig” that bookies add to the lines they provide is called “line shopping.” In the sports betting market, profit margins are already razor thin.

An unfamiliar observer may not place much stock in the difference between -110 and -105. Finally, a difference of -5 between two lines seems quite little. Wrong!

In the long run, even a little difference in financial status may have a major impact. To reach their current level of success, no professional gambler ever neglected any component of the game, no matter how seemingly inconsequential it may have been. If you want to make money betting, you need to stretch every dollar as far as it will go. For Brazino Sports Betting it works fine.

Previewing the Odds

Gaining some context will help us understand the issue better. If the house advantage is -110 and you bet $110 on 250 games, you must win 131 of them merely to break even. To break even on a $105 bet on 250 games with a 105-point house edge, you need to win only 128 of them. This translates to a three-game swing over the course of 250 matches.

Sharps need to win anywhere between 53% and 56% of the time to maintain their victory rates above water.

As a result of the razor-thin margins, as little as three games might be the difference between breaking even and falling into the red. No matter how little, the disparity between the lines will have a major impact on the ultimate total.

Dismantling the Idea of Line Shopping When Looking at Various Sportsbooks

As a result of your analysis, you have decided that betting on the Charlotte Hornets with a spread of +7.5 is the best course of action for you to take. You’re very sure they’ll win or lose by less than seven points against the Boston Celtics and still cover the spread.

Visit Sportsbook A, where a +7.5 wager on the Hornets may be made for -110. The odds of -110 indicate that a bettor must risk $110 to win $100.

If you do some shopping around, you’ll find that Sportsbook B also has the Charlotte Hornets listed at +7.5, but with different odds: -105 instead of -110. Identical in every way except for the much reduced cost. It just takes a $105 bet to win $100 at Sportsbook B.


One may win an extra $104.76 by betting $110 on the line provided by Sportsbook B (-105), rather than the line provided by Sportsbook A (-110). Over a long period of time, even a little change in the lines may have a huge impact on your bankroll.