Breaking down bonus features in online slot games – Wilds, scatters, and free spins


Beyond basic spins, the bonus features built into modern video slots add thrilling layers of gameplay, surprise, and opportunities to rack up big wins. Features like wilds, scatters, cascading symbols, pick bonuses, free spins, multipliers, and integrated mini-games creatively unlock rewards through interactive elements layered on top of core reels-based play.

Wild symbols

The most ubiquitous slots bonus symbol, wilds substitute for other symbols to complete winning payline combinations.

Stacked wilds – Appearing in groups on reels, stacked wilds dramatically boost win potential by completing multiple paylines simultaneously across reels. Any line intersecting a stack pays.

Expanding wilds – When landing, these wilds cover entire reels as they expand horizontally or vertically to substitute for everything and enable big multiline wins.

Walking wilds – These moves incrementally across reels with each spin, triggering wins as they shift into new payline positions. Their “walking” movement keeps pace unpredictable.

Sticky wilds – These wilds “stick” in place for subsequent spins after initially landing to provide continued substitution power across additional spins.

Multiplier wilds – Substituting for standard symbols, multiplier wilds contain numeric values like 2X or 3X that multiply wins they help create to boost the overall payout amount. Their substitution impact gets bolstered.

Scatter symbols

Unlike wilds, scatters pay out when landing anywhere on reels without needing to align on enabled paylines. Better yet, landing clusters of scatters multiplied payouts exponentially in many slots. These trigger free spin bonuses when hitting 2 to 5 times on a single play, awarding rounds accordingly. Free spins frequently incorporate added features like expanded wilds or multipliers. When these land, the standard scatter payout gets boosted 2X to 1000X to dramatically multiply wins. The more that land, the bigger the scatter pay surges. More information is available at

These award instant coin payouts or bonus rounds immediately when appearing instead of free spins. Instant scatters add surprise standalone wins. After activating free spins, hitting more scatters during the bonus re-triggers additional spins on the fly to prolong the rewarding bonus excitement. Certain scatters launch separate interactive bonus rounds on secondary game screens with big rewards possible through features like prize wheels, picking bonuses, or quests. Scatters provide exhilaration by paying big from anywhere while triggering lucrative free spin bonuses.

Free spin bonuses

The hallmark slots feature, free spins award bonus winning combinations without betting credits to trigger them. These provide a set number of spins based on the initiating scatter number, like 10 for 3 scatters or 20 for 4, with no variability. Each scatter triggers a minimum number of spins, like 5. But hitting additional scatters during the bonus rolls the spin count up like a meter to prolong play. All payouts won during the free games get multiplied by fixed amounts like 2X or 3X for bigger bonus wins. Multipliers substantially leverage free spin value.

Icons like entire wild reels, giant symbols, or additional scatters get added for more lucrative wins not possible in base gameplay. Special symbols amp up bonuses. Players engage with interactive mini-events like awarding extra spins for selecting correct chests or capturing creatures. Dynamic quests with variable spin awards enhance immersion.